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Cardio Program of Excellence in Glycosciences

Upcoming Seminars

Cardio PEG Lab Meetings

(Physiology 612, 9.30-11)

This meeting is suspended over the summer. Watch this space for updates.

Cardio PEG Retreat

(Mt Washington Conference Center)

July 15th, Register by July 5th @ CardioPEG Registration

Schedule: Final Rev PEG 2016 Retreat Sched[1].pdfFinal Rev PEG 2016 Retreat Sched[1].pdf

Glycobiology Interest Group

This meeting is suspended over the summer. Watch this space for updates.

Upcoming Classwork

January 2017: Fundamentals of Glycobiology

July 2017: Techniques in Glycobiology

C1: Mass Spectrometry

Synopsis: Core C1 builds upon the exceptional proteomic/glycomic resources at Johns Hopkins. This essential core will provides protocols, and analysis using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry (MS) and other proteomic technologies, including identification of glycoproteins, glycosylation sites information, quantitative glycosylation site occupancy, and glycan screening and determination.

Resources available now: This core will provide collaborations, protocols, materials, and advice on: 1) cell surface capture technology: targeted capture and isolation of glycoproteins located on the cell surface (extracellular exposed plasma membrane proteins) of viable cells. 2) The proteomic analysis for glycoprotein enrichment: targeted capture and isolation of glycoproteins from cells, tissues, and body fluids. 3) Assistance in the development of Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) assays: targeted assays for the quantification of specific glycoproteins. (MRM is a cutting edge method for accurately quantifying many different proteins or glycoproteins in a multiplexed manner). 4) Lectin microarrays and lectin-based immunosorbent assays. Additional resources are in the pipeline.


Requests should be made to:

Jennifer Van Eyk ,Faculty 
JHU-Bayview Proteomics Center
5200 Eastern Avenue
Mason F. Lord Building, Center Tower
Room 602
Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone:  (410) 550-8510
FAX: (410) 550-8512

Hui Zhang, Ph.D , Faculty

Johns Hopkins University
Department of Pathology, Clinical Chemistry Division
1550 Orleans Street
Cancer Research Building II, Room 3M-03
Baltimore, MD 21231

Tel: 410-502-8149 (office)  / 410-502-7870 (lab)
Fax: 443-287-6388
Website: Zhang Lab

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