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Cardio Program of Excellence in Glycosciences

Fundamentals in Glycobiology (340.709)

About the program:

Recently the NHLBI has funded a Glyoconjugates and Cardiovasuclar Disease Program of Excellence (PEG) at the Johns Hopkins University. One goal of the PEG is to train the next generation of glycoscientists. To accomplish this goal we have introduced three courses at the Johns Hopkins University, including Fundamentals in Glycobiology. 

The next installment of this class beging in January of 2017. Contact Natasha Zachara for more information on the registration process:

Classes will be held in Physiology 612 at 9am.

Lectures and Notes from Fundamentals 2012.

​Day Lecturer Title


​Gerald Hart

Overview of Mamalian Glycobiology : Lectue 1
Biosynthesis of Glycans/Sugar

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video: Introduction to Mammalian Glycobiology]


​Kevin Yarema

Metabolism : Lecture 2

[Notes] - [Slides][Video: Sugar Metabolism]


​Hui Zhang

​​N-linked Glycans : Lecture 3

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video: N-linked Glycosylation]


​​Natasha Zachara

O-linked Glycans : Lecture 4

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video: O-linked Glycosylation]


​Natasha Zachara

O-GlcNAc : Lecture 5

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video: GPI Anchors]


​Gerald Hart

GPI Anchors : Lecture 6

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video: O-GlcNac]


​Gerald Hart

Proteoglycans/GPI Anchors : Lecture 7

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video:Proteoglygans and Glycosaminoglycans]


​Gerald Hart

Glycosyltransferases : Lecture 8

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video:Glycosyltransferases]


​Kevin Yarema

Glycosidases : Lecture 9

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video:Glycosidases]



Round Table Discussion:


​Subroto Chatterjee

Glycoshingolipids : Lecture 10

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video:Glycoshpingolipids #1]


​Subroto Chatterjee

Glycoshingolipids and Atherosclerosis :Lecture 11

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video: Glycoshpingolipids #2]



Round Table Discussion:


​Allen Bush

Glycoconjugates of Bacteria :Lecture 12

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video: Bacterial Glycoconjugate]


​Hui Zhang

Glycoconjugates of Plants : Lecture 13

[Notes] - [Slides] - [Video: The Glycobiology of Plants]


​Hui Zhang

Lectins and Carbohydrate binding proteins : Lecture 14

[Notes] - Fundamentals_L14_slides.pptxFundamentals_L14_slides.pptx- [Video:Lectins and Carbohydrate Binding Proteins]



Round Table Discussion:


​Natasha Zachara

Glycobiology of infectious disease

Fundamentals_L15_notes.pdfFundamentals_L15_notes.pdf - Fundamentals_L15_notes.pdfFundamentals_L15_notes.pdf - [Video]


​​Kevin Yarema

Glycans in Development and Cancer

Fundamentals_L16_notes.pdfFundamentals_L16_notes.pdf- Fundamentals_L16_slides.pptxFundamentals_L16_slides.pptx- [Video]



Round Table Discussion:

Roundtable discussions:

Round table discussions: Students will be divided into four groups. They will be provided with a selection of recent literature on a topic, and will collectively present a journal club style presentation for ~45min. This presentation will anchor a longer discussion including the other students and faculty involved in the course.

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