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Cardio Program of Excellence in Glycosciences

Introductory Glycobiology (330.712) 2014:

Classes will be held in Physiology 612 at 9-10.30am.

Note: Introduction for Glycobiology has finished for 2014. This course will be available again in March of 2017.

Each cell carries a rich and varied sugar coating – its “glycocalyx”. From microbial pathogenesis to axon regeneration, the cell’s sugar coating is intimately involved in cell-cell recognition. In addition, sugars constitute the extracellular matrix, regulate glycoprotein folding, distribution and function, and regulate intracellular proteins in a dynamic regulatory system akin to phosphorylation. Glycobiology, the discipline that explores the functions of sugars, is rapidly emerging as the next growth area in understanding molecular structure-function relationships beyond the genome and proteome. This course will introduce you to the discipline, its structural diversity, and its functional implications.

Class Schedule 2014: 

Lecture 1, The Glyco World, Ron Schnaar
         Video available

Lecture 2, Glycoproteins 1, Natasha Zachara


        Due to weather, this lecture was merged with Lecture 1

Lecture 3, Glycoproteins 2, Natasha Zachara


         Video Available

Lecture 4, Glycolipids/GPI anchors, Ron Schnaar


         Video available

Lecture 5, Carbohydrate Engineering, Kevin Yarema


         Video Available

Lecture 6 O-GlcNAc, Gerald Hart

Lecture 6_OGLCNAC_2014_p1.pptxLecture 6_OGLCNAC_2014_p1.pptx

Lecture 6_OGLCNAC_2014_p2.pptxLecture 6_OGLCNAC_2014_p2.pptx   

         Video Available

Lecture 7, Glycomics (Analytical Glycobiology), Gerald Hart

         Video Available

Lecure 8, Glycans and Disease, Gerald Hart

        Video Available

Lecutre 9, Proteoglycans, Natasha Zachara


        Video Available

Lecture 10, Protein Glycan Recognition (Lectins), Ron Schnaar


        Video Available

Lecture 11, Glycan Binding Proteins, Ron Schnaar

        Video Available​

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